5 Easy Ways to Engage Admitted Students During Yield Season

It’s almost spring -- and almost time for admissions yield season. Spring yield campaigns are all about staying top-of-mind, keeping admitted students engaged, and reaching your enrollment goals.

Seasoned professionals swear by high-touch outreach efforts (congratulatory phone calls and handwritten letters, for example) and on-campus events for admitted students. Although nothing quite compares to the experience of visiting campus and meeting current students face-to-face, digital engagement should also play a prominent role in your yield campaign.


Generation Z students are adept at building and sustaining relationships -- with people, brands, and institutions -- through the Internet and especially through social media. Set the stage properly, and you’ll see engagement that endures far beyond the scheduled events of Admitted Students Weekend. You’ll stay top-of-mind in the eyes of your admitted students, and they’ll be able to develop a deep emotional connection with your college, the kind that gets them to show up in August.

You may think it’s too late to make changes to this year’s yield efforts, but these five strategies can be implemented with much less work and planning than you might think. Today’s post provides an overview of these strategies. Over the coming weeks, we’ll examine each one in more detail, complete with tips and best practices, so be sure to stay tuned to the Campus Bubble blog!

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